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P L A N N I N G   P R O C E S S

Our planning process is a comprehensive planning service for individuals and families. This process has four phases: Discovery, Strategy Development, Strategy Implementation, and Future Facilitator Service Appointments. Based upon each client’s unique needs, risk score, and aspirations, our planning process employs the following building blocks in designing your personal financial plan:

  • Your Future Mapping: This module identifies your current goals, dreams and aspirations. This is where most of the important work is done. It’s all about your life and your future. This is where the information is gathered for use in the analyses outlined in the steps below.

  • Educational Needs Analysis: If you have children, grandchildren or other loved ones you want to help attend college, this module clarifies the costs and needs to make educational dreams and goals a reality. We identify methods to cover these expenses.

  • Capital Needs Analysis: This module identifies, reviews and quantifies your current employer provided and personal insurance benefits to determine current and future life insurance needs based on your individual situation and goals.

  • Retirement Needs Analysis: This module determines whether or not you are on track to meet your future objectives; whether or not you are on track to retire the way you want. It identifies the effective strategies available to pursue your goals and dreams.

  • Investment Analysis: This module examines your existing savings and investment accounts such as IRA’s, 401k, 457 Deferred Compensation, 403b, etc. We prepare a comprehensive asset allocation review taking into account your goals, objectives and risk tolerances. We ascertain whether or not your accounts are invested in a manner which corresponds to your individual risk number.

  • Long Term Care Analysis: Long Term Care planning is rapidly becoming an important component in any comprehensive financial plan. The identification of potential long term care needs requires a clear understanding of your current pension benefits and supplemental investment plans. In this module we review your long term care needs and then make recommendations based upon our findings.

  • Estate Analysis: We perform a comprehensive analysis in order to provide the information necessary to begin the estate planning process for those identified as candidates. We will make referrals to qualified professionals upon request or we will work with your existing advisors.

    Curt Howard Wealth Management & Insurance Solutions, LPL Financial and Golden State Wealth Management do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.