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Deferred Compensation Management

How can a provider of employer plans with 10’s of 1,000’s of participants design, service, and implement a portfolio tailored just for your risk number? 

Here's how we can help:

  • First, we significantly upgraded our ability to determine your investment risk tolerance with even greater accuracy, arriving at your individual “Comfort" Risk Number by employing revolutionary behavioral economics risk modeling software.

  • Second, we’ve engaged the world’s largest money manager: BlackRock. Their sophisticated, low cost, actively managed portfolios are designed to assist you in maximizing your investment. Importantly, working behind the scenes at Blackrock is an extraordinary risk management platform called Aladdin. See video to learn more about Aladdin.

  • Third, you get us. “Us” is Curt Howard Wealth Management & Insurance Solutions and our Registered Investment Advisor, Integrity Wealth Advisors. I’ve been assisting Public Safety members for over 2 decades and have assembled a wonderful team of professionals and support personnel at both our Curt Howard Wealth Administrative office in Northern California and our RIA office in Ventura. It’s a significant blend of resources focused on one thing: serving you. We handle the “hands on” planning and customer service functions.

Of all the programs and systems I’ve used to assist Public Safety members pursue financial independence, I am the most proud & excited for you to consider this program. We’ve been very busy at Curt Howard Wealth Management, working on your behalf to get this program launched.

Click to Watch Aladdin: Powering BlackRock's Collective Intelligence

BlackRock is a separate entity from Curt Howard Wealth Management & Insurance Solutions, Integrity Wealth Advisors and LPL Financial.